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Spring has finally come to the Midwest.

The life giving rains swelling the rivers and streams of the Midwest are creating a wet start to the growing season. While this may make a home-owner’s Spring watering schedule easier, it also creates new hazards in the garden: standing water.


Now is the time to check your property for plastic garbage and containers that can collect rain water, thus creating a perfect breeding ground for MOSQUITOES! Shady and low lying areas of the yard that collect runoff near a home can also be a perfect place for mosquitoes to lay eggs.



RAIN GARDENS and other water diversion and retention systems can create an elegant alternative for storm water run-off.      WaveRiderElSal

RAIN BARRELS that collect water directly from gutter downspouts are a fantastic way to both save water & use a renewable resource. This system reduces stormwater discharge from your property. This helps keep our streams, rivers and oceans cleaner and healthier!